ICCPS North America Branch

Membership in ICCPS

Qualification for Joining the Society

~ The applicant is invited and formally admitted by the founder after the person is nominated by other   executives (Branch Directors) in the society.

~ The invited artist must be a professional or have continued their own artistic activities related to Sumi Art, such as, sumi-e or calligraphy, continuously for three years.

~ The applicant's art should be of pure quality.

~ The professional artist applicant should already have been recognized by awards and/or have been successful in exhibits.


~ Annual membership dues are (2500) yen or approx. $28 US via PayPal.

~Annual Membership is from January to December = 2500 yen or approx. $28 USD - Subject to change *

~Apply between July and August = 2000 yen until December or approx. $23 USD - Subject to change *

~No new members between October and December

*Generally $23 to $33 USD per annual dues

(Please note that money exchange rates change frequently)

Benefits of Membership

   ~ Free digital Newsletter in English (4 times a year).
    ~ The right to join exhibitions internationally.
    ~ Free submission of artworks for the Newsletter.
    ~ Submit articles for the bulletin.
    ~Some Newsletter painting lessons from Master Ransui
    ~ World exposure in member art YouTube videos
    ~ Be part of a growing Sumi community of like-minded artists.

Casey Shannon Studio

Certification by Ransui Yakata

Casey Shannon was honored to have been asked and invited by Ransui Yakata to be an invited artist and a society counselor/director in the International Chinese Calligraphic Art and Ink Painting Artist Society on October 16, 2010. It is my privilege to serve as the North American Branch Director.
国際中国書法国画家協会アメリカ支部:Ms. Casey Shannon アメリカ現代水墨画家

For more information about this Sumi Society please contact Casey:

Application Process:
1. Contact Casey by email
2. Obtain an Application Form
3. Submit Sample Artwork ~ Calligraphy or Sumi-e
4. Via PayPal (I will give you the ID) pay your society dues ~ Thank-you!

After completion of all parts of the application process and acceptance into the Sumi ICCPS Society, the Tokyo office will ask Casey to send you your membership card. You will be a member in good standing and you can participate in any or all society activities.