ICCPS North America Branch


Mission Statement of ICCPS

Society Statement

Mission: Sharing the passion of sumi-e & calligraphy around the world without distinguishing between styles & backgrounds. Under the direction of master sumi-e painter, Ransui Yakata, the institute seeks to form a community of independent sumi-e painters with often different styles, but infused with the same passion.

Purpose: This community of artists can help show that this unique art form can often be interpreted with sensibilities and styles that are (quite) different. The artists associated with this initiative seek not only to promote their own artwork, but also sumi-e art in general, which deserves its own place among the major pictorial works of the world. More than just an art form, sumi-e is a way of being, thinking, and living. Our society is a way of demonstrating these concepts.

Goal: In addition, one of the society's primary goals is to assist in spreading the beauty and understanding of this unique art form and culture by exhibiting this exquisite art on an international level. Members' artwork will be shown all over the world.

Society Activities:

~ Quarterly digital newsletter featuring the activities and achievements of the society branch members.~ Intermittent YouTube Exhibitions via Video.

~ Projected international art exhibitions dependent on sufficient support from membership base.

~  International exchanges between members of the society branches for study and fellowship.

Everybody is welcome to apply to this fast growing sumi society; professionals, amateurs, art connoisseurs, etc. The most important thing is that the person should be ready to actively participate in the society.


Irene Tsai of USA.